Star Sign Compatibilities- This is really good.

I guess i kinda believe in all that astrology/star-sign/horoscope crap so if you do as well, have a look and see if your compatible with a loved one.

What's your star element?


Aries (21 Mar-20 Apr)

Leo (23 July-23 Aug)

Sagittarius (23 Nov-21 Dec)


Taurus (21 Apr-21 May)

Virgo (24 Aug-23 Sept)

Capricorn (22 Dec-20 Jan)


Gemini (22 May-21 Jun)

Libra (24 Sept- 23 Oct)

Aquarius (21 Jan-19 Feb)


Cancer (22 Jun-22 Jul)

Scorpio (24 Oct-22 Nov)

Pisces (20 Feb-20 Mar)

Okay, so now you know your star sign's element, all you have to do is match you and your loved one up. the stars represent how well you match.

So, Fire & Fire ***

Fire & Earth *

Fire & Air ****

Fire & Water **

Earth & Fire *

Earth & Earth ***

Earth & Air **

Earth & Water ****

Air & Fire ****

Air & Earth **

Air & Air ***

Air & Water *

Water & Fire **

Water & Earth ****

Water & Air *

Water & Water ***

So for example, the sign's that are most 'compatible' are:

Fire & Air

Earth & Water

Air & Fire

Water & Earth

and the least compatible are:

Fire & Earth

Earth & Fire

Air & Water

Water & Air.

*= this is a difficult match. sometimes you'll feel to different from each other for the relationship to go anywhere. there will be lost of arguments, but you'll have lots of fun making up![:p]

**= it wont always be easy, but if you work hard at it- and have lots of new experiences- it could work. little things will cause big stresses, so watch your stubborn streak![:D]

***=you get on because you have so much in common, but you can still have the occasional row. make the effort to try new things and be spontanious otherwise the fun will go out of your romance.[ha lol]

****= jackpot! you'll be totally compatible and destined for long-term love. But don't take each other for granted, though- keep the spark alive with laughter, jokes and lots and lots of cuddles! [oml, lol]

Hope that's worked out for you… lol lots of love xx


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Hey x

hi, wow, so I guess this is supposed to be good. you know with it being my first post and all, so I'll try my best. 
I bet nobody reads this… lol

So About Me.

My name is Rebecca.

I get called bex and alot of other things that aren't really suitable to put on the internet…

I'm 14.

I live in England.

My friends are amazing.

I'm in year nine.

I have a german exchange partner called ann-katrin who is lovely.

I have someone who i love very much, and everyone knows who it is…

I really get too hyper for my own good as SOMEONE keeps reminding me.

I am going to be a flight attendant.

Or a Physiotherapist

Or a teacher… [I haven't decided yet]

I love music and drama.

Peforming arts are my fortee.

I love getting away with things I shouldn't.

I sometimes find that I am too randomly weird for my own good.

I like lost… alot.

I have a habit of laughing at things that aren't vagely funny at all.

Singing and being a drama queen are my hobbies.

okay, enough about me… lol.

I'm gunna post some random and weird things here I think… enjoy.

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